Rosalie Primary School play - 'Free Float'
In November 2011, the Rosalie Primary School visited the Physics department of the University of Western Australia to perform a play 'Free Float'. This reinforced the ideas of time and space that they had been learning from Winthrop Professor David Blair. This event was reported in the November issue of UWA news.

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CONSTAWA conference, Conference of the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia - Perth, Western Australia: 27th to 28th May 2011

Title: Enriching science learning through effective use of multimedia

Workshop description.
Motivate students' learning by using technology to interest and improve understanding of science. Classroom multimedia provides opportunities for students to interact with information in new ways, inspiring creativity, promoting communication and encouraging integrated learning.
This workshop will provide examples of how multimedia (digital photography and short film production) can be used to enhance the science learning experience for years 7 to 12. Examples will be drawn from Astrobiology, gravity experiments from the Leaning Tower of Gingin and Indigenous digital storytelling at the Gravity Discovery Centre. The presenters are a team of PhD students measuring the effectiveness of science enrichment programs within different learning environments. This project is being funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.
This is a hands-on workshop where teachers themselves will be creating their own multimedia production by developing skills to make effective use of available multimedia to enhance the science learning experience of students..

PhD researchers Marina Pitts, Mark Gargano and Muza Gondwe at the Conference of the Science Teachers Association of West Australia 27-28th May 2011 at the University of Notre Dame in Freemantle.
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